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ROCA Danmark
Landbrugsvej 8. 1 TH
5260 Odense S

Tel: 4913 9230
e-post: info@roca.dk

Cvr nr: 37286168
Installation channel, El-zone | RG-530

ROCA has developed and produced a smart and flexible installation channel to get thru the wiring (lighting, electric strikes, networks, etc.) when you building a glass environment together with ROCA Decibel or as standalone electricity zone.
Suitable for Ø70mm junction box. Connection coupling, 2pcs required at frame height up to 2m, over 2m use 3 connection couplings.

For extra soundproof installation, it is recommended to use the backer rod RG-533, as well as Sound insulation sheet for el-zone 860955.

  • Elegant design.
  • Snap-in mounting, saving time.
  • Easy customization.

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860950 Aluminum Natureloxceret 5400  
860951 Aluminum Natureloxceret 2600  

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